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Where can glass beads be used? How is the performance?

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
Glass beads are a very common item in daily life. They can be seen on clothes, jewelry, and decorations, but these small beads are not only used for this purpose. They are actually used in some unexpected things. In places, the legends on the Internet can be used to pave roads, and can be used to make reflective protective clothing. These are all real information! 1. Necessary materials for road markings When constructing roads, road signs are essential elements. Everyone knows that roads are mostly made of asphalt and cement, but in fact, paving the road also requires different kinds of small glass beads. For road signs, you need to mix some reflective small beads. These specially treated beads, even if they are rolled back and forth by the car, can still act as a reflective reminder, without frequent maintenance. 2. Enhance the performance of various materials. These small beads are added to other materials after being ground and processed, and they can also play a synergistic effect with the mixed materials. For example, adding small grinding beads to FRP can make FRP It is more resistant to high temperature, abrasion, and even pressure. Small beads also have great energy, and there are actually not many scenes where they can be used in life. In many cases, you only need to spend a small amount of money to buy these beads to get greater results.
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