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Why are the road signs so bright at night? It turned out to be because of glass beads

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-24
When driving at night, you will always find that the road signs on the side of the road will be very bright, as if there are lights shining on. But when I was driving during the day, I found it was not bright at all. This peculiar phenomenon makes many people very puzzled. So what is the reason that the road signs are not bright during the day but are very dazzling at night? Magical glass beads Glass beads are a new type of magical material. They are small glass beads that are difficult to see with the naked eye. The reason why the road sign is so magical is all because of its function. Don't underestimate such small glass beads. Although they are small in size, they have powerful functions and are used in many industries. In addition to the road signs mentioned above, glass beads are also widely used in urban traffic. Such as double yellow lines and traffic signs. The glass beads have a good refraction and reflection effect, so at night when there is light shining on it, it will have a strong reflection. It is precisely because of the reflective characteristics of glass beads that most traffic reflective devices use glass beads. Since it is a new high-tech material, the use environment of glass beads is of course not only these. In addition to being used on traffic signs, but also because of its thermal insulation, it is often used as an addition to thermal insulation coatings.
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