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Zhupin Professional Town--Fuyang Town

by:Spring Glass     2021-02-26
Zhupin Specialty Town-Fuyang Town is located in the southern suburbs of Qingdao, with Chaoshan Highway, Guangmeishan Railway and Dike Highway running through the territory and convenient transportation. The town covers an area of u200bu200b38.7 square kilometers, with 35 village committees and 4 neighborhood committees under its jurisdiction, with a population of 95,000. In 2002, the town's total industrial and agricultural output value was 1.387 billion yuan, foreign trade exports were 11.50 million US dollars, industrial and commercial tax revenue was 13.47 million yuan, and the per capita income of farmers was 4002 yuan. Fuyang Town attaches great importance to the development of the private economy, strives to create a soft and hard environment for investment, attracts investors from all over the country, and has issued a series of policies such as the 'Decision on Further Encouraging and Supporting the Development of the Private Economy' to encourage and support the development of the private economy, improve the style of government agencies, and improve the government Supervise posts, procedures and service commitments of various offices, service windows and other supporting constructions, establish a clean, diligent, pragmatic and efficient government image, improve the supporting facilities of water, electricity, and roads in industrial areas, and invest 33.5 million yuan to accelerate In 2002, more than 70,000 people in 26 villages had used tap water; invested 5 million yuan to maintain Huanzhen West Road, Ganqu South Road and Huyang Road; invested 7.5 million yuan to The entire town’s power grid was transformed, with 10 kilometers of high-voltage lines. In 2002, 11 large-scale enterprises were introduced with an investment of more than 20 million yuan, including 1 foreign-funded enterprise. Fuyang Town actively implements the strategy of developing the town through science and technology and famous brand, and vigorously introduces advanced technology and talents. For example, Dayuan Feed Industry Co., Ltd. invested 12 million yuan to introduce Taiwan Kunbao Industrial Technology to cooperate in the production of aquatic feed, filling the gap in eastern Guangdong.
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